GOSICK Episode 22

A Christmas Carol Decorates the Windowsill’s Happiness

Alex: Hey, guys =D Hands up if you didn’t see this episode coming.

What starts as a Christmas party ends in the prophecy that Victorique and Kujo get separated. Sadly, Kujo will remain useless forever now. I hope thast the next episode has something really good, because the score for this series sinks lower and lower every episode that goes by. I’m at the point where i’m praying that it’ll end my suffering and just give the main couple a happy ending where everyone lives happily and they don’t need to waste time making the plot.

Hell, the huge evil plot is that the Marquis wants Victorique’s intellect as a grey wolf, but for her emotions to make her some sort of super-human. That’s so anti-climatic it makes me cringe.


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