Review: [C]

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Alex: Money is power. Money is control. Money is the substance which guides everything in this world. [C] introduces an interesting possibility: Behind every single country, there is a Financial District, where Midas Money is printed to keep every single country afloat. In this district, people who desire money can duel with other people by using creatures which are a physical manifestation of your money and personality. In order to get more money, you give up your future and your life as collateral.

Isn’t that complicated? Like, really really complicated? It almost hurts your head to think about it sometimes, and the way that the anime executes this idea is almost like it’s trying to hurt your head.

The anime itself is amazingly fresh and unique. There is ONE cliche used, and that’s the “Chosen one”, but even that isn’t very obvious throughout the series as a whole. You follow the story of a teenager who enters the Financial District, and what happens as he gets affected by what people are calling C, a chain reaction where entire countries can disappear due to running out of money.

I’m making the anime sound brilliant. And the story is brilliant, the characters are brilliant, there’s just one thing which isn’t…and that’s the length of the story. 11 episodes isn’t normally enough for the majority of anime, and [C] is a horrible exception. [C] could probably have used something like26 episodes, or probably even 50. Your thrown into a huge, vast story, which looks amazing, sounds amazing, and has an amazing plot with powerful overarching financial and political traces throughout. It just feels rushed towards the end, and feels like it could use so much more time. No, it NEEDS so much more time.  It suffers horribly from a lack of time, and that shows. But that doesn’t hamper the overal amusement of the series.

By the way, [C] has to be the series with the best graphics in like, forever~:3


Mimi’s Score: 7 Meeps out of 10 (Good)




One thought on “Review: [C]

  1. Another cliche was the “sick sister” cliche.

    Anyway, I’m glad that they focused more on the economy than the deals themselves. But you’re right, this could have used more episodes. There is still time for a second season, however. The Financial District is still alive, fortunately.

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