GOSICK Episode 23

Announcing Checkmate at Dyed Grey Chess

Alex: We’ve had 22 episodes of poking pieces around the chessboard, and that’s caused several yawns here and there. It’s about time we actually started this game of chess, instead of just moving things.

I have to admit, the 22 episodes of nudging pieces around the chessboard payed off. I don’t think I could call it worthwhile sitting through all those worse-than-average episodes, but the payoff here was actually rather good.

It started as a political thriller, as the Marquis dethroned several high ranking officials, gathered public support for Monster Charming, and then it turned to Victorique revealing his motive and his scheme. It was…interesting to see that Leviathan was the cause of all this mess, and it tied everything up nicely.

Everything came together in the last 10 minutes. And more than anything, i’m surprised that Cordelia and Redhair were the hero’s who saved the world from the Marquis and stopped his treachery, at the cost of their own life. With one episode left, i’m more curious than ever as to what’s happening.

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