Review: Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera

Alex: I’ve been dreading this review, because I never know what to say about anime like this. But anyway, i’ll try my best…xD

Enma-kun is an anime that can only really be compared to one other anime in existence, and that was the anime that took people by storm last year, Panty & Stocking. Whilst the animation is very different, they both have one theme which they’ve managed to do right, despite everything that plagues and ruins the genre. The genre? Fanservice.

The Japanese love fanservice, so you always have those big breasted tsundere loli’s in anime, and so forth, but it remains that the fanservice genre is a comedy genre that’s hardly been touched upon. It’s funny, it’s in your face, and it’s about naked girls, naked guys and generally naked people.

But Enma-Kun takes funny to a different scale. Nothing is too stupid, too taboo or too crazy for this series to touch on and make fun of. It’s full of wacky, crazy ideas and some of them are actually pretty good. To be blunt, if you can appreciate the juvenile sense of humour that the series rides on, it is a ridiculously entertaining series and something that you should watch.

Me? Well, Enma-Kun was something I watched when I was fed up, didn’t feel like a complex story or a complex plot, and just wanted something entertaining and amusing, and it did that. I guess. And I don’t actually have any idea what else to say about the series…it’s childish, amusing, funny, crazy, wacky, and mindless. And that’s a pretty good thing.



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