Review: Fireball Charming

Disney’s Fireball Charming

Alex: Being a direct sequel to the not-so-popular Fireball, which Disney created a while ago, Fireball Charming is almost exactly the same as the previous outing, but with one difference: it’s got a bigger budget.

This means…well, as you can tell from the above images, it looks completly stunning for modern CGI. But yeah. Lasting 38 minutes, it follows the misadventures of Lady Drossel and her guardian robot during the war between mankind and robots. But, you never really see the plot, so it doesn’t really matter…

To be short and to the point in comedy is something that’s really overlooked. Sure, Fireball will only get thirteen smirks or laughs out of you, but for something that’s so short, when compared to anime, that’s a real accomplishment. Every episode is fresh, funny, and has a different idea of what it wants to do, and it’s carried out and delivered with amazing style thanks to the talents of the voice actors.

But yeah…there isn’t much to say about such a short yet under-rated franchise. It’ll make you laugh and it looks great, but it’s not memorable and it doesn’t have a rollercoaster of events and plot-twists to enjoy. It’s just…good old fashioned slapstick comedy.




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