Review: GOSICK


Alex: I was sat complaining on skype about how I don’t have anything to say, and then something hit me. Why did I finish this series? Lemme break it down~

Episodes 1, 2 and 3 were probably the series at the best point it gets to. The mystery is good and reasonable, and there’s a sense of awe and wonder around the characters. Episode’s 4, 5 and 6 were disapointting. Episode’s 7, 18 and 19 all promised something which there were never able to deliver. Episode’s 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21 and 22 were all a waste of my time. 23 and 24 WERE good, however, but they aren’t enough to redeem the show in my eyes.

So…why did I keep watching this series? Firstly, i’m a huge fan of detective novels and anime and any form of detective tale, and I wanted to keep giving GOSICK a chance.But now that i’m sat at the end of it, i’m wishing that I did what Mimi did and drop it early on, and never waste my time with it.

To compare it to a detective novel. Every good novel or story vaguely follows the rules which have come to be known as Knox’s Commandments, the rules on how you tell a mystery. GOSICK….flat out ignored the majority of those rules, meaning half the cases were trashy solutions which were put together by a 5 year old kid with no idea of how mystery works.

Infact, I think the lead character and her relationship with the male lead is the only redeeming feature this anime has…~ Victorique is a great character, and she could have been developed and used wonderfully. Same for Kujo, the male lead. But sadly, none of that ever happens. Kujo remains useless, and Victorique just starts to get on your nerves as the series ends, until the pair of them finally become great characters in the last two episodes. ^.^

I guess, ultimatly, I finished this series hoping that the finale would deliver, and even though it did, it’s a series which has one or two good episodes and a great finale, and the rest of the episodes are annoying.But it’s a very, very hard recommendation, and only the very…enduring should try to watch.





One thought on “Review: GOSICK

  1. I still haven’t watched much of this series, though I’ve been meaning to. I thoroughly enjoyed the light novel (from Tokyopop), but was a bit disappointed with how quickly the anime was rushing through everything in the first couple eps. I’ll keep watching some time though, since Victorique is such a great character. =} They really got a good voice actress for her.

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