Review: Pokemon: Best Wishes! Segment 1

Pokemon Black and White Episodes 1 to 40

Alex: Best Wishes is very much a mixed bag. I didn’t notice it until I was going over the screenshots, but a lot of work has actually gone into planning out these first 40 episodes.There are funny times, emotional times, charmingly moving times and nostalgic times. So, where to begin?

People my age (18 to 25) grew up with Pokemon. As far back as we can remember, there’s always been Ash and his Pikachu, as they go on an adventure together. And we all remember that first series of Pokemon fondly. Most of us slowly start to lose Pokemon from our lives, however, as the series just gets ridiculous and repetitive, and looses everything which made it good in the first place. 13 years later, and Pokemon is back to being good again.

The games this time around were good, probably the best of the bunch, for having the theme of people growing up with Pokemon, relying on Pokemon, and being together with Pokemon, and that’s where a lot of the episodes seem to draw inspiration from. Using my bad memory, the first example which comes to mind is a Gothitelle who wanted time to stand still so it could be with the people it loved forever. Sounds cheesy, but when you think of it, real life is cheesy.

Then, there’s the villains. In a world with such powerful creatures as Pokemon in, your bound to have people wanting to abuse that. Those people are the famous Team Rocket: Jessie, James and Meowth. They lost their evil ways over the last 13 years though, and turned into comedy relief. So it’s good to see them back as proper villains, even though their best episodes were taken off the air and nobody knows when they’ll show up for people to enjoy.

Brock and Misty may be the classics, but they were getting old. Best Wishes breathes some new life into Ash (Satoshi) and his friends, with two new sidekicks called Dento, The Grass-Typed Gym Leader, otherwise known as the man of many talents, and Iris, the dragon prodigy. They’ve both got fresh personalities which never clash or contrast with the aim of the show, and they always help you to get over the fact that the main lead does have his very annoying moments.

To be honest, Pokemon BW is only going to stand out to those who grew up with Pokemon, because it brings Pokemon back to life in a way that you’d only have dreamt of before, and everyone else will just see a decent series with a few good episodes and a few bad episodes. If you grew up with Pokemon in your life, it’s worth checking out the first few episodes, just to see if it relights that spark of your childhood.

Alex’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

(And as a side note, since the first segment has ended and there’s rumours about staff changing and the like, and the summer season is huge, I havn’t made my mind up if i’ll be continuing Best Wishes on the blog)


2 thoughts on “Review: Pokemon: Best Wishes! Segment 1

  1. I do hope you’ll continue blogging it, because I know of no one else who does. But, should you not, I just want you to know that it’s been a delight reading your opinions on Pokemon BW all these months. ♥

  2. i agree to this, but i’m personally going to say it, THIS POKEMON SEASON WILL PROBABLY THE LAST.
    Why, Ash or Satoshi is acting like a competent trainer, Team Rocket is being a villain, Using Nostalgia Values from the Original Pokemon Season, Many Deeper Element than usual Pokemon Episodes, Interesting Gym Leaders, The Series is moving Pretty fast with Satoshi and co. on their way to the 6th gym in episode 60, return of Who is that Pokemon and just my own feelings, makes me think that this will be the last season. I just hope the replacement for the Pokemon Anime would be something like Pokemon Special Manga.

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