Movie: Break Blade 6: Enclave of Lamentations

Break Blade 6: Doukoku no Toride

Mimi: In my review for Break Blade 5, I said “The battles are still highly entertaining as ever, especially Rygart vs. Borcuse, but I’m not expecting anything beyond that for the final movie. No plot twist, no memorable characters, nothing special, just…plenty of action and doom for everyone.” Well, that’s exactly how it ended, with Borcuse getting slaughtered, Narvi slamming herself senseless against a golem, Rygart laughing awkwardly after getting scolded by his brother who is surprisingly alive, and Sigyn and Hodr looking impatient for the credits to roll…if you can call that an ending. Oh, and Rygart and Zess might fight again in the future. It’s not over yet! D:

As much time that was spent looking into the character’s pasts, I was hoping for them to be well-developed and somewhat memorable. However, Zess is practically non-existent in the last three films, Hodr just stands around looking serious, and after Sigyn is done being a model, she just helps to develop a weapon for Rygart at the last minute. And boy, what a weapon it is. Even the supporting characters are a little more interesting than them, particularly Girge. But in the end, the characters are disappointingly forgettable all around.

The mecha battles and background art are definitely what you should watch this series for. Break Blade doesn’t really feel like your typical mecha anime, considering how much detail went into making the golems look and feel realistic, as opposed to those shiny, colorful gundams that look brand-new in every battle. That much I appreciate, but I’m a stickler for plot and character development. As entertaining as the battles are, they don’t completely make up for what I found to be disappointing, especially the rushed ending that leaves us with more questions than answers. I just felt like… “eh, that’s it?”

Mimi’s Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)



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