Tiger & Bunny Episode 22

Bad Luck Often Brings Good Luck

Mimi: Gomen for the lateness of my post! But wow, this episode is awesome on all sorts of levels! Tiger’s “brilliant” plan to convince everyone is to joke around with them as always, saying stuff that only the real Tiger would know. But it’s ultimately Kaede who changes everyone’s memory back to normal, which leads to the priceless picture of a little girl scolding her dad dressed up in a superhero suit after saving him. Really really amusing stuff.

The fight between Tiger and Bunny is just epic. If they pulled those Matrix-like stunts earlier in the show when they were still partners catching lowlife villains, imagine the ratings they’d get on Hero TV, MAL, and…well…anywhere! I just loved the action and visuals, even if it did come down to a cheesy one-on-one collision in the air where both of them gave it their full power. I mean, wow. Just what is the very final battle going to look like compared to this? Needz more Lunatic epicness too.

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