Review: Usagi Drop

Bunny Drop

Mimi: Kids say and do the darndest things. Here, they’ll pretend to be adults, wet the bed and claim its sweat, enter the house covered in mud and sticks, and ask for a ruler to measure their poop. In essence, Usagi Drop is about kids being kids. They’re silly, adorable, and a whole lot of fun to watch. The series also takes a mature look at parenting, as a single, thirty-year old man named Daikichi must suddenly take care of a six-year old girl, Rin. What’s more is that she is his auntie!

Each episode is a heartwarming new day for Daikichi and Rin. They tend to focus on a single event, such as Rin starting her first day of school or getting sick with the flu. The best part is to see them spending precious time together. They’re so likeable and grow tremendously within just a short year. Particularly Rin is interesting to think about because her mother’s whereabouts and her past are shrouded in mystery at first. Daikichi learns a lot about parenting, so he deeply reflects on what kind of parent Rin’s mother really is. I for one agree with Daikichi’s concerned feelings.

Despite that Daikichi is the adult, Rin is the one who gets them up in the morning, cooks breakfast, and warns about table manners. There’s just something extremely cute about a kid taking care of an adult in this way. If I ever have kids, I hope that they’ll be as mature and independent as Rin! Another aspect of the show that I really enjoy is Daikichi’s interaction with Rin’s classmate, Kouki. He’s much more childish than Rin, doing obnoxious things that all boys do at that age. I honestly don’t know how you can live with them. But ya love ’em anyway!

The story is simple, yes, but that is what makes it so pleasurable and relatable to me. I couldn’t help but reminisce about my childhood adventures and the good times that I’ve spent with my father. He behaved like Daikichi when my mother went away to Germany for one week: easily panicked and having no clue how to do my hair! Likewise, I can relate to the adult characters, who struggle to manage their responsibilities and wish to be kids again. I’ve also experienced taking care of kids, namely my niece and nephew, who are now teenagers. When it comes to slice-of-life anime, this one really hits home, even beating Anohana.

Why can’t there be a dozen more episodes? I love this show. It’s very tempting to read the manga, but until then, I will miss Daikichi and Rin dearly. I really can’t think of one thing to complain about aside from how short it is. Usagi Drop is a sweet, touching, and fun little series that I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who loves kids.

Mimi’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

Alex’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

Liam’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Dusk’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)


3 thoughts on “Review: Usagi Drop

  1. I love this series too! But I’m kinda happy they ended it at Rin losing her baby teeth. I hear a LOT of people say that the manga’s ending…sucked to high heaven. I don’t really know that because I’m stuck on volume two!

    • According to MAL and Baka-updates, there are 9 volumes (56 chapters) in total. And now it’s got a spin-off. At any rate, I read about what happened that turned so many people off. I had a feeling it would be that…

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