Review:Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth 

Alex: Set in mid 19th Century France, this one follows the life of one Yune, a Japanese girl who comes over to Paris in order to learn more about the world. And thus, as you’d expect, the anime is born.

To be painfully blunt, this anime is what you’d call “Good Moe”. It’s got a plot and a story, but when you strip everything away, it’s about a cute girl doing cute things, accompanied by Claude, who is somewhat of a tsundere, and more bratty companions who join along the way. I’ll be honest and say that I stopped “properly” watching the anime around Episode 8, when it ran out of tricks. This isn’t K-On!!, or anything like that…it’s got a limited bag of tricks which it exhausts rather quickly, and is reduced to milking the same premise to pad the episodes out.

The feature which does stop it from turning into an average taste is the way it uses culture. You see, since Yune is Japanese, and the rest of the cast is French, there are bound to be some large differences  between the two cultures and races. The anime uses several of these features to help create something that’s actually rather enjoyable to watch at places.

Ultimately, if Slice-Of-Life or Moe is up your ally, you should at least try a few episodes, just to see if you can get along with the anime.Just…don’t expect something drastically unique or different, because that isn’t what you’ll get most of the time. The majority of the anime is good moe, followed by the occasional cultural reference  to help liven things up and keep it interesting.



One thought on “Review:Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

  1. I really loved Croisee. To me, it felt like a sweet World Masterpiece Theater anime crossed with moe with absolutely wonderful results. I can’t wait to own it on DVD!

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