Review: Digimon Xros Wars (31-54)

Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms

Mimi: Let me start this review off by saying that YES, the second arc is better. What a relief that Akari and Zenjirou are gone!

As far as the story goes, it’s not that different from before. Instead of visiting different zones to collect the code crowns, our heroes have to visit seven kingdoms to defeat the Death Generals. Once again, each kingdom has a specific theme, like Vampire Land and Cyber Land. The generals are your typical power-hungry, obnoxious, and “Mauahaha let me toy around with you!” evildoers, save for the last one, who is delightfully unique. The story is so straightforward that you could skip to the last general and not miss anything important. Then again, why would you wanna skip all the precious quality time that Taiki, Nene, and Kiriha spend together? =D

Um. I said precious quality time!

Ah! And that’s exactly the point of this season. It’s basically one big character development arc for Kiriha. After all, Nene had already changed, and there’s not much you can do with Taiki. It’s just fun to watch Kiriha’s personality clash with the other two. His new character design is a bonus. *drool* Oh, um…anyway! The three of them make a great team. They might not be the most original characters ever, but I have to admit that they’ve really grown on me by now. This arc also focuses more on Nene’s brother, Yuu, who receives just enough development at the end to prepare his main role for the third season. Overall, the human characters have become much more enjoyable to watch. The Digimon also have their moments, but Baalmon’s arc is still my favorite. ^_~

In my first review, I mentioned that I was turned off by the concept of the “Xros Loader” because it closely resembles the Pokeball. Well, it’s not so bad. I think it’s pretty cool actually that the characters can form their own armies! That’s something that hasn’t been done before (I think).

Well, now that it’s time to rate this season again, there’s definitely a lot more to consider. In the end, I decided to bump my score up by one and a half points because of the characters and the fantastic finale. Other than that, it’s still your average kids show with a formulaic plot, stereotypical villains, and individual stories that range from being silly and boring to dark and awesome. For instance, I didn’t care for any of the kingdoms except for the last two, which were focused on Kiriha and Yuu. What Digimon Xros Wars needs the most is a new direction. That means, no more visiting different lands with a specific theme, and having more originality/complexity. Personally, I’d even like to see the characters spend more time in the human world. With the director of Digimon Tamers taking over the third season, I can’t wait to see what new changes will come in Digimon Xros Wars starting next week!

Mimi’s Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)


4 thoughts on “Review: Digimon Xros Wars (31-54)

  1. Fantastic finnale?,,,,Uhh did we watch the same series.It was predictable.I laughed to hard at the so-called development of Kiriha.I don’t say there wasn’t,but the reasons for his old personality is so…..KAIBA!And Yuu,the boy that secretly wants to be Hitler on the inside.Now that he has a world where he can do that,just let the kid have its fun.God I hope he dies in a fire.

    • Yeah, the finale was predictable. The good guys always win. However, that didn’t necessarily make it bad, in my opinion. Compared to all the average and repetitious episodes, the finale was way more entertaining. I loved the animation and how over-the-top it was. By that point, I stopped being angry with Digimon Xros Wars for not being what I wanted it to be, and simply enjoyed it for what it was.

      Agreed, the character development was cheesy, but I’m cutting Kiriha some slack. He’s hot. Nuff said. =P

      Lol, poor Yuu! I thought he was annoying too, but he’s much better in the new season. Now if only the PLOT will improve. I’m curious to know your thoughts about the new season if you’re watching it. =)

  2. I thinki you should give Akari and Zenjirou more credit.(I also think you’re giving Kiriha too much credit) Think about it, they were a major factor in saving the world not once but twice. And even before that, they still did things that deserve much more praises. which is more than I can say for characters like Hirokazu and Kenta from Tamers and the entire frontier cast who isn’t Takuya and Kouji.

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