Review: Kamisama Dolls

Kamisama Dolls

Mimi: Kamisama Dolls, to put it nicely, is strange. In the opening scene, three children are getting seriously attacked by a giant robot monster, which is the last thing you’d expect to see from an anime with “Dolls” in the title. My initial impression? Epic! I had no idea that I was in for such a dark mecha series, with the opening and ending credits sung by the awesomely talented Chiaki Ishikawa, no less. I thought: Woah, is this gonna be as awesome as Bokurano!? Well, I should have just stopped right there. As the episode truly begins, we see a drunk college student trying to confess to a big-breasted chick. And these, my friends, are the two bland main protagonists who try to annoy you with every cliche in the book.

 Don’t believe me? Just look!

 The Shower Scene

The “Oops, I fell on top of you!” Scene

The “Omg I can see your bra through your wet clothes” Scene

Brother complex, anyone?

But they’re not as annoying as…

The jealous girl friend Scene

The RAGING jealous girl friend Scene

And get this! The climax of the series is when the RAGING jealous girl friend kidnaps the big-breasted chick, and the BLAND main lead has to rescue her! NO wait, the real climax is when the RAGING jealous girl friend fights her man’s sister because he won’t run away with her, and then her giant robot loses control! Ohhh the drama~

If I had known that the series was building up to that, I wouldn’t have bothered to watch it. Why did I watch it? Well to be fair, Kamisama Dolls has a few interesting and unique qualities. It’s not everyday that you see the main lead’s baby sister controlling the giant robot. I enjoyed the action and dark twists, especially the episode about the teacher coming to the village and getting humiliated, resulting in a bloodbath ending. A few of the side characters aren’t bad, either. No, I’m not talking about that psycho female detective or the RAGING jealous girl friend. I mean this guy! He’s the only character who didn’t annoy me to high heaven.

To see such a dark, interesting premise ultimately ruined by the RAGING jealous girl friend is what frustrates me. Why does a character like her have to exist here? The occasional fanservice, cliches, and unfunny slice-of-life moments also made the series less enjoyable for me. I tolerated them in hopes of a good finale, but you saw how that turned out. And finally, there’s no story. The characters simply fight and try to capture the main lead’s childhood friend. It’s all building up to something that we don’t get to see. I guess I’m supposed to feel motivated to read the manga for the real story. Meh. Overall, this series is a letdown from an otherwise epic beginning.

Well, if you happen to like giant robots that can sing like dying cats, then by all means, check this out. =D

Mimi’s Score: 5 Meeps out of 10 (Average)

Dusk’s Score: 7 Meeps out of 10 (Good)


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