Review: Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu Ni!

The Idiot, the Tests, and the Summoned Creatures 2

Alex: Ah, time to get around to the anime that’s been my guilty pleasure of the last season. Baka To Test is a romantic comedy styled anime that has students in classes duel it out using summoned creatures who get stronger the smarter you become. Basically, a lot like say, Pokemon or Digimon, or anything along these lines.

The first season and the OVA focused largely on the whole “battle” side of things, with several conflicts between classes and a love triangle that doesn’t get much attention. The second season focuses much more on the characters and the romance feel of things. And it doesn’t hesitate to be funny at the points where it wants to be.

We even get a backstory on the characters and why the love triangle even formed, and backstory on the other large love story in the anime. Both the serious backstory episodes which focuses on the characters prove to be the best episodes by far, and the episodes work really well to flesh out the characters and their strange antics in other episodes.

In other words, the series is funny, light hearted, and one of the best rom-com’s around. The only huge disadvantage is that these episodes are focused too much on characters, and the episodes last series are too focused on the summoning battles. If you’re a new-comer too the series, then it’s best to mix and match the episodes. Argh, it’s hard to explain what I mean xD



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