Review: Kurau Phantom Memory

Kurau Phantom Memory

Mimi: As much as I like Bones anime, it came as a surprise to me that I let such a great series as Kurau Phantom Memory go unwatched for seven years. Aside from the well-animated action, it has all the things I like in a good sci-fi anime: strong characters, a detailed, futuristic setting, and a pretty cool story!

In the beginning, Kurau is just a normal 12-year old girl who wants to spend time with her father on her birthday. Her father is a scientist, and he happens to be working on an “experiment” that day, so he takes her to the lab. Oh, what a wonderful idea! But of course, something is going to go horribly wrong. The experiment to create an alternate form of energy becomes unstable and zaps Kurau, seemingly turning her into different person called “Rynax” with superpowers. Uh, yeah. That is quite an unexpected birthday treat!

Rynax are binary life forms that can fuse with humans, sharing their memories and personalities. While Kurau’s father is devastated at first, they waste no time in testing her newfound abilities for scientific research. Years later, Kurau is working as an undercover agent, in which her duties are to retrieve items, save people, and bust some bad guys! It sounds like a lot to take in, but that is only a small chunk of the story. Everything changes when Kurau’s “pair” finally awakens, whom she names “Christmas.” Before they know it, they’re being hunted down by an organization called GPO, which believes that “Ryna sapiens” are dangerous and must be captured at all costs…on the surface, anyway.

Phew, what a mouthful! But you have admit, that is a very unique premise. I absolutely loved the concept of “Ryna sapiens,” mixed with a futuristic setting that has flying cars, space travel, and experiments taking place on the moon. When it comes down to it, however, the characters are the best part of the series! I have a thing for strong, tomboy lead characters, so I instantly liked Kurau. Her life gets explored in-depth, as you come to understand her as a human being and a Ryna sapien. That’s much more development than what a typical anime character gets these days. And her relationship with Christmas is simply endearing. You can’t help but love how well they get along and rely on each other’s strengths. A big chunk of the series just shows them spending quality time together, after all. Finally, the people whom they meet along their travels play interesting roles in their lives, especially the woman working for GPO who is determined to capture them.

If I want to nitpick, there are only two things that got annoying to me after a while. 1) Kurau and Christmas get captured and escape a few times, which feels a little repetitive. And 2) The constant screaming of their names every time something bad happens. “Christmas!” “Kurau!” “Christmas! “Kurau!” They’re like Romeo and Juliet, for crying out loud.

But again, I’m only nitpicking! What matters to me most are that the characters are strong and well-developed, and that the story feels complete. Kurau Phantom Memory certainly fulfills that and more. If you haven’t watched this touching sci-fi anime yet, then you must. ^_~

Mimi’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)


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