First Impression: Mouretsu Pirates

Mouretsu Pirates

Kie: This looks like it’s going to be amazing. The episode starts with a narration about the current situation of the world it takes place in, with background music that sends chills down your spine. After a few characters have been introduced, Marika (the main character), finds out her father was the captain of a space pirate ship, the Bentenmaru, and died 3 days ago. The only thing that’s weird about it is, that she’s more surprised about him being a pirate, and doesn’t seem to be too concerned about him actually dying. I don’t know how much she knew him, but surely anyone would be slightly upset about this. Later on, Kurihara is introduced as a transfer student into Marika’s school. By the hints made, she looks like she’ll play an important part later on. Towards the end we see a very well played comedy scene, followed by some action where Kurihara’s true colours are revealed.

The characters in this are the best I’ve seen in an anime. The way they’re portrayed and they act in situations is much more realistic, and it makes a change to see someone react to something without simply shouting or being speechless. I honestly have really high hopes for this one. The script is brilliant, and although the plot hasn’t developed much at all yet, it still kept me interested throughout the whole thing, and that’s rare. I think this is one for anyone to try out really, as it shows good handling of several genres in just this one episode, and balances them out extremely well without forcing too much of one thing down your throat. If this turns out bad, I really will be disappointed.

Alex: The concept is good, and the characters appear good. The execution is also top notch. The only problem is that i’m worried it’ll tie too heavily into the school-life aspect of things.It does show that it knows how to balance different genres, like Kie said, but my concern is that it’ll lean too far in one direction. Then again, if it’s slated for 24 episodes, everything should work out fine. I mean,  for now, since the pirates are stopping to pick up a new captain, it makes sense as to why they’d dip into her school life and the like.


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