First Impression: Zero no Tsukaima Final

Zero no Tsukaima Final

Kie: It’s kind of nostalgic to be watching Zero no Tsukaima again. After season 3 finished I didn’t expect there to be a 4th, but I’m glad there is. The first episode is pretty much an introduction to the season, letting you know what Louise & Saito are going to be aiming for this time round. There’s nothing special about it, but it still has that feel good factor about it. For once, Rie Kugimiya doesn’t sound so annoying, and the high amounts of harem aren’t that bad; because they really work well with this series. I did feel there was too much of Louise & Saito constantly getting jealous over each other, but hopefully that’ll change as it goes on. It looks like they could finally work things out now too, after Siesta gives Saito a talk on why Louise would never swoon over anyone else. It’s pretty promising that them two are realizing things instead of just arguing and everything ending with an explosion. Anyway, there’s a nice action scene at the end after two thieves steal some sort of magic mirror. I’m glad they haven’t changed it, at all really. Other than the jealousy thing it looks like it’s going to be a good final season.


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