Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 2

The Priestess of Aquileia

Kie: I didn’t expect Louise to be kidknapped. For like, the fourth time. This time it’s so Joseph can use her void power to destroy.. whatever he wants really. I’m not too sure. At least it’s slightly promising, since it’s keeping to it’s traditions. I enjoyed the previous series so this one won’t be too bad if it follows the same route. I don’t understand Tifa at all though. Did they make her this stupid purposely? They wasted so much of the episode with her worrying if Saito is her familiar. Not only is this impossible, but it shows she clearly has no brain. Louise & Colbert already made it obvious he fell from above and NOT from her familiar summon.

After the pointless Tifa scenes, we see some action which.. wasn’t that great, but it at least showed the show doesn’t just care about romance. The scene between Saito & ‘Lemon-Chan’ was really funny though, it made a nice change to see Louise not just getting angry. Apart from that, this episode was boring, but I’m still looking forward to the next episode. I just believe this will save itself somehow.


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