Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 2

Together with Sempai

Kie: I’m impressed. Although nothing particularly amazing happened, I still felt like this episode accomplished everything it was suppose to. After some back story, Kaito & Ichika manage to talk their way out of trouble with Nanami & Kanna, followed by a ‘movie talk’ rigged by Lemon. It reminds me of Toradora really; a rom-com I thought would be just another copy is actually interesting. I liked Lemon in the first episode, but now I like her even more. She’s 2 years older than the others, not that she looks it, and is clearly devious with the knowledge to cause trouble. Kanna’s jealousy will probably get out of hand pretty quickly, but that may be good, since it could end just as quickly. The scene with Rinon was hilarious, and a good break away from the awkward scene seen in so many romances.

The ending is what really got me though. Kanna shows how upset she is calling Kaito an idiot in her sleep, and Tetsurou says its him thats the idiot. Maybe he’s referring to it being his fault that Ichiko met Kaito, I don’t know. But when Kaito attempts to tell Ichiko something and gets stopped, wow. I doubt he was going to confess or anything like that, it could be about her being from another planet. Whatever it is, I’m excited for the next episode now. Best second episode of this season for me.


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