Another Episode 2


Alex: Sorry, am I meant to be scared or something? Weird creepy girl tries too hard to be creepy. Weird creepy girl “apparently” died in Episode 1. Weird creepy girl likes weird creepy dolls. Weird creepy girl takes her eyepatch off…so lets make it a cliffhanger!

With horror, if you’re not subtle, you’re dull, boring and not scary. That’s what this episode of Another was like, to be honest. I don’t have anything more to say. Horror isn’t horror when it’s forced down the viewers throat. And it isn’t mystery if she’s a ghost.


3 thoughts on “Another Episode 2

  1. Huh, you really don’t find anything mysterious about what’s going on? >_> I see a ton of possibilities for this show.
    And in terms of action, Another has been more subtle than most horror anime. Nothing blatantly supernatural has actually happened yet. Nobody has been killed. Nothing particularly bad has even occurred. Just classmates who are hiding something from Kouichi. I’ve found it quite fascinating so far.
    We don’t know if Mei Misaki is a ghost yet. Surely that’s a possibility, but it’s not set in stone. And presumably the young person who died in episode one was the girl Mei was visiting in the basement (where the morgue was).

  2. I disagree here. Although the “horror” is a bit in-your-face, it still is a pretty creepy show. The whole setting is creepy, not to mention the characters. I love Misaki’s character and I think this show has some real potential.

  3. Humm… I think this has been pretty subtle so far. The only thing is that it is not misleading you with peaceful and fun moments to make you relaxed just to strike with some unexpected freaky moments. And knowing that you’re a fan of Higurashi, I understand if that’s where you’re disappointed. But I have to disagree when you say that Another is dull and boring and I definitely wouldn’t call its way of storytelling “shoving horror down the viewers throat”. Rather, this feels more like a mystery to me, than a actual horror. Which I’m fine with to be honest. Specially since there’s that gorgeous background music setting up a tense mood and reminding me to be alert. Whether it will turn into a full-fledged horror, I have no idea. But I think they’re doing a nice job building the atmosphere. And I also believe there’s a lor more to Misaki than the obvious conclusion they’re most likely trying to fool us with.

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