Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 2

High School Boys and The Morning Journey, Convex Mirror Girl, Friendship Power, Literary Girl 2, Traditional Events, Time of Childhood and Ghost Stories 2

Liam: This episode wasn’t as funny as the first one, but I still had myself a lot of laughs/chuckles. I really must say though, that this anime really is amazing. The ideas they come up with must be from their childhood or something xD Probably not, but just thinking of people doing that stuff, or knowing some friends who have is kinda really funny. I use to have a friend that constantly lied about the stories he told and we all believed him. Of course, when we went and bothered the person he lied about, it was fake. Oh the memories. I love Slice of lifes because they just bring you in, and take you back to your past memories.

I also have exams next week. I highly doubt it’ll affect me in any way since I don’t have to go to my school on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I have to go to my vocational school. So, just mentioning in case some crazy thing pops up and things are switched.


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