Inu x Boku SS Episode 2

A Lonely Dog

Alex: Tsundere. The word itself means that the character itself is an overused cliche and a character who most people can’t stand. So, would that make Ririchiyo something which isn’t a tsundere? Sure, she acts like on occasion, but she’s fully aware of herself doing it and she actually chooses to do it. I don’t think that’s so much a tsundere as it is someone with an untrusting personality. She’s led a bad life, so she doesn’t trust people and she doesn’t open herself to people, batting them away with sharp words. If she is a tsundere, then she’s a very different one to any other character I know. And…that’s why I think she’s one of the better female leads i’ve seen in a while. In two episodes she’s had a lot of development, something which would probably take most characters a whole 26 episodes to create.

In a sense, Inu x Boku is essentially a show about wacky and weird individuals living together, and it’s got it’s funny quips, it’s serious moments and it’s heartwarming moments. It’s certaintly something which you should be watching this season, anyway.


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