Mouretsu Pirates Episode 3

The Odette II Leaves Port

Kie: It could’ve been worse. At least it showed promise for the next episode. Like, both previous episodes did too. I expected so much from this and I still do. Even though right now it’s pretty much a generic school anime set in space, something keeps telling me that I was right from the start. The first half was rubbish, but the second half got them into space and was slightly entertaining. From how it’s going, I can see them running into some serious trouble, especially with the hints it keeps throwing at you. Hopefully this will draw in the Bentenmaru to save them, and the anime will really kick off. I have to say the electronic warfare from episode 2 was more important than I though it was though, so I was wrong about them bringing up something useless. Since I’m not such a big sci-fi fan, this kind of build up can be more on the boring side for me. No doubts on next weeks episode though.. for the third time.


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