Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Episode 3

I Won’t Cry

Kie: I’m unsure whether this is going to become really sad or not. Yuuta takes the girls back to his place without permission, but seems to be let off lightly and is allowed to look after them. This is the center of it, with them trying to adapt to living in a small apartment. Of course the usual problems come up such as changing and sleeping. As much as this looks like it won’t be going anywhere other than a decent slice of life, there is some serious plot hidden in this.

With Hina being young she doesn’t understand the situation they are in, and is still expecting her parents to come back. It’s really sad to see this, especially when you know it’s going to be hard for them to explain it to her. There’s also university for Yuuta to worry about. He can’t make enough money to keep 4 people alive while studying. I’m going to guess his university friends will help him though. I don’t see any other point to them now other than that. Creating a separate plot would be pointless. I’m glad Sora is less of a tsundere, but why does Miu wink so much? It can get annoying after a while.


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