Another Episode 4

Put Flesh

Alex: See, it was interesting to see PA Works do some gore, but it felt a little too much, in my opinion. And now that Another broke the unwritten rule of how supernatural events shouldn’t happen in front of the main character(Mei is a ghost?), i’m not really sure what I should expect from this episode. For me, this episode would be the one which made or ruined the show for me. And much to my surprise, it did neither. Just put off the agony for another week.

Anyway, everything starts this episode with people talking about a curse, and how the mother of the girl who impaled herself died on the same day. And the curse seems to continue, what with that girl who I don’t remember seeing before almost getting hit by a pane of glass (nice animation and direction, by the way) and then our lead character going back to the weird doll house to meet Mei.

If one good thing came out of this, it’s Mei basically admitting that she isn’t behind the curse, or at least strongly hinting it. The rest…was pretty average, actually. The build-up was nothing bad, but considering that all the buildup could be pretty pointless if there’s some stupid supernatural reason…

That is, it was pointless until that nurse called to ask about Mei…and became Victim #2. That…was VERY well done.


2 thoughts on “Another Episode 4

  1. I agree that the nurse’s death was very well done. It had good timing and everything. Now just to find out who will die next…

  2. To be honest, I’m really enjoying this show. I love both the sound and screen direction and the buildup is being pretty good, in my opinion. I also like the fact that the main character is the one to whom the mysterious Mei appears, yet he’s the one who’s most clueless about everything. And he elevator scene was really good, I agree with you there.

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