Zero no Tsukaima F Episodes 4 & 5

Her Majesty’s Reward & The De Ornielle’s Maidens

Kie: Got to love fillers. Especially 2 in a row during a 12 episode series. Episode 4 was horrible, really. It was just boring. Nothing happened, the whole thing was about Saito & Louise finding a house along with the usual jealousy, and the flashback scene put me to sleep. But Ep 5 was good, really good for a filler. It was still about the house mainly, but the romance in it was great. Louise & Saito have some deep moments expressing themselves, and then have an actual domestic about Louise trying to change Saito, something all too common in the real world.

As well as this, it was funny. Props on using some decent comedy for once. The ending was bit average, no questions asked make up. It’s nice to see when Louise realised what was going on, but it could’ve been done a lot better. I can see Tabitha becoming Queen being something big later on too.


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