Another Episode 5

Build Limbs

Mimi: Well, we have truly entered the Twilight Zone with this episode. It might not end with another smashing, bizarre death, but it sure offers a freaky exposition. I admit, I was fooled. I never considered Mei being a ghost in the sense that everyone’s just ignoring her. Now it seems obvious after I read the synopsis again, though it’s really quite crafty. Why be redundant/obvious in saying there’s a girl named Misaki who died earlier and that Kouichi met a mysterious girl named Misaki? Well, maybe because they’re actually different people. What a nice little twist though for people who don’t read too much into it. xD

So, the class begins to ignore Kouichi after a student that talked to him recently died of a “heart attack.” He figures they’re just treating Mei the same way, so she really exists. Once the two outcasts get together, she explains: The curse happens when there is somehow an extra student in the class. No one can figure out who it is. But they found a way to stop the deaths, that is, to treat a student as nonexistent to correct the class number. But after Kouichi transferred to the school, the deaths started happening anyway. I guess the class thinks the reason for that is because he acknowledges Mei, so they ultimately choose to ignore him too.

Mei’s theory is that the extra student is a ghost who doesn’t know they’re dead yet, and they’re most likely connected to the class that have died over the years. With that said, Kouichi seems like the highest suspect, since he’s connected to the class through his mother, not to mention people close to him die. I guess Mei is safe because she’s treated like a ghost? Or perhaps there’s another special reason. Anyway…this is getting amazing! And what’s with people’s minds being altered?

I love this show so much…


4 thoughts on “Another Episode 5

  1. Lots of great twists this episode. It seems the class has gone the route of “If you talk to Kouichi, chances are you’ll end up talking about Mei or the curse, so just don’t talk to him at all!” It probably is the most effective method at this point, but again… it’s quite sad. I feel really bad for him and Mei, but at least they have each other???
    There are some interesting possibilities for who the extra student is. In some ways Kouichi himself seems like a good one, but I wonder if that’s too obvious, since he literally was a new addition to the class via school transfer.

    • Yeah, I see what you’re saying. But I think it’d be most awesome if he was the one. How ironic that would be. Unless the show spends a good amount of time fleshing out the other classmates enough to truly care about them, then the revelation that it’s one of them wouldn’t have as great an impact. Right now, I’d only care if it’s one of the four people Kouichi bumps into most often, though still not as much as if it were him.

      • I think the extra one is actually Misaki. This episode seemed to rule out that possibility by explaining that she was the one they set aside to balance out the extra “dead student”. On the other hand… The deaths didn’t exactly start when Kouichi came, since Mei’s cousin had already died. Of course that can be a coincidence (not all accidental deaths have to necessarily be due to the “curse” of class 3, right?), but it leads me to think… Since nobody knows who the dead student is, what would happen if by any chance they ruled out exactly that one?

        But then there’s also the issue with Kouichi’s mother. If that was foreshadowing, the dead student might well be an embodiment of her or something… In which case Kouichi is an even better candidate. I’d still go with Misaki if I had to bet though.

        I was really looking forward to this, but so far I’m enjoying it even more than I thought I would.

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