Inu x Boku SS Episode 4

Ayakashi Kan Walk Rally

Mimi: Yep, we just get introduced to Zange Natsume (the bunny dude) and Banri Watanuki (the raccoon demon). Apparently, they used to be childhood friends with Soushi, though Banri hates him now because he once called him “cute.” You know who he immediately reminded me of? Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket), the angry, delinquent-like character who hates his cousin’s guts and constantly challenges him to fight, yet he transforms into a cute little kitty! In fact, I swear that they’re related.

As far as the bunny dude goes, I see people comparing him to Grell (Black Butler) and Break (Pandora Hearts). This is getting pretty fun, isn’t it? xD In other events, Ririchiyo is clearly falling in love with Soushi, allowing him to hold her hand while feeling butterflies in her stomach (awww!), and he reveals to be keeping a dark secret at the end. o.o Huuum. I’m curious to know what that is. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode for the most part. It has its humorous moments when exploring the eccentric maids and stuff, and I love Banri because he acts just like Kyo. But I think the fan service is getting a little out of hand now. The only character I can’t bring myself to like is Nobara. I wish she wasn’t in the show at all. xD


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