Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 5

Sempai is the Heroine

Kie: This is where it gets really good. Tetsurou really creates potential at the end telling Kaito that Kanna loves him, & Ichika hears it. I think it’s safe to say the next episode will be full of awkwardness and people avoiding each other, or even some arguments. We also got treated to half an episode of filming after getting none at all last time. It’s clear that Lemon knows about Ichika, unless it’s a stupid coincidence. It concentrates on Kanna becoming jealous over Ichika throughout the whole thing, which is weird, considering she was trying to help them last episode. I don’t understand how she can suddenly change from being dense to acknowledging how close Ichika & Kaito are.

Other than this; Mio likes Tetsurou, Ichika is closer to telling them she’s an alien, and Lemon knows exactly what she’s doing. Looking forward to next episode, but I hope it isn’t like I think it will be. I really hate love triangle episodes. Especially the ones when all three people involved know everybody’s feelings.


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