Another Episode 6

Face to Face

Alex: Alright, this time of the season against. Inu x Boku SS is hereby dropped. It’s fun, quirky, but there’s nothing to write about each episode. Watch it anyway, though. And after this post, Another is also dropped.

It’s not that this episode is bad, or that this series is bad. But I personally didn’t find the horror effective, and when I solved the mystery of “Who the ghost is” this week, I saw little to no point in keeping up the blogging for this show. I understand why people like it, but for me, it doesn’t work. For me, it tries too hard and relies on a rather shabby mystery to hold the plot together. Take the mystery out, and it’s just a bunch of strange images of dolls and a bunch of kids acting all scared. And a parrot chirping the same thing over and over again.

Next.This episode, the father of Kouchi said “Back after a year and a half”. Amnesia? Twins? Sorry…but that’s just ridiculous. Our main character was in the town before but he forgot all about it? Ever since a certain mystery which features Hachiyo Tohya, amnesia has felt cheap to me in mystery. Yes, it was creepy. But that doesn’t take away the fact that someone in India called the main character and said those exact words. Either he’s wrong, in which case this is just stupid to throw so many red herrings around. Never mind that paragraph, actually. I just put the dates together and I noticed what it all meant. I still don’t like it, though. Feels cheap.

Sure, the visuals are nice, and the strange, gruesome deaths do look good, thanks to Kyo-Ani. But ultimatly, take the mystery away and take the horror away and the whole show collapes in on itself. It’s nice to see that old man in the library offering hints and trying to help our main characters, but it’s too little too late for me. So like I said, dropped. Sorry~


2 thoughts on “Another Episode 6

    • Ehhh, really? All the clues point to
      Annnnd more spoilers. I think thats a fair warning for anyone who wants to reason it out themselves. Anyway, yeah. All the clues point to…

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