Mirai Nikki Episode 18

Alex: What with Kie having left the blog, and myself having read ahead in the manga and spoiling myself, I won’t resume coverage of Mirai Nikki. I’ll post a review at the end of it’s run, and i’ll keep the category, but there won’t be any more posts. Sorryyy.

Crossed Lines

Kie: This reminds me of the first few episodes of Mirai Nikki, when Yuno & Yuki worked together, even if it was for just a few minutes this time. At first I thought it was going to be a flashback episode worth nothing, but remembering last weeks, it could probably be good. It was really, it showed us whats probably the reason Yuno is so crazy. If my parents treated me like that I’d be out of there. Can’t say I’m too concerned about Yuki’s dad, I never really liked him before we found out he was an idiot. At least we get to see Yuki grow some balls, that scene reminded me why I loved this anime so much.

It pretty much shows the start of another Yuki & Yuno team up, and it looks like Yuno would let Yuki kill her once the other diary holders are gone. I hope it isn’t as simple as that though, I still want both of them to live. Oh yeah, where are those kids now? Kousaka, Akise? They haven’t even been mentioned for the past few episodes, since Yuki was in hospital. It’s good to see a possible turn around now though. Hopefully the episodes will be full of more action now Yuki actually wants to become God. Eleventh is a tramp for sending people out.


One thought on “Mirai Nikki Episode 18

  1. ea whole yuki & mom-obsession even trying to letter a female look like his mom?

    anyone thinking mother-son incest on it even on a lookalike?!

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