Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 6

A Rival for Sempai

Kie: This is turning out to be so typical. This is more of a romance episode between all of them rather than a filming episode. One of Kaito’s old girlfriends from when he was younger appears, and is still in love with him, causing Ichika & Kanna to get jealous. She seems to be more interesting than both Ichika & Kanna so far though, so it can’t be that bad. But we all know she’ll be out of the picture soon. As well as this, another girl falls for Tetsurou, only to be split up by an embarrassed Mio. Then for the next 3 minutes we’re flashed between each awkward scene, including Kaito upsetting Kaori by telling her he loves someone else. It’s stupid how he looked like he didn’t expect her to be upset.

This all takes place on a beach resort, which they go to for a trip. Stuff does happen for the rest of the episode, but it’s pretty much Lemon scheming with her over the top camera and relationship knowledge. As for the Ichika & Kanna thing, I’d prefer it if Kaito fell for Kanna. Ichika is just, boring. I doubt it’ll happen though. Not just because he already loves Ichika, but because it’s very rare that the male lead falls for anyone other than the female lead. Oh, and the film. I’ve noticed Lemon films them doing pretty much whatever most of the time. She claims it’s for Ichika getting used to normal life, but I think it’s more than that. Whenever they do some serious filming, it’s bad. I doubt any of that will be used in the final film, and if we’re lucky we might see a nice romcom by Lemon.


2 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 6

  1. No offense, but I’m not enjoying the way you’re blogging this series. What you’re saying isn’t reflective of your relatively high score. It seems like you’re trying to find cliches and tropes to nitpick at rather than focus on the series’ strengths. Such as the chemistry between the cast, the simple but well executed story and the amusing comedy involved. I’m not being aggressive or even passive aggressive, but I’m sure everyone appreciates some feedback at one point.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Justin xP In all fairness, Kie is pretty new to blogging, and I was probably so much worse than him when I started out. I get the impression that he’s not a huge fan of the show, though, so that might explain why he’s picking at it.

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