Mouretsu Pirates Episode 7

The Peace Does Not Last

Kie: Just when you think it’s turning around and it’s going to be great, another boring* episode airs. Sure it was interesting from the start, but it got to a point where watching them talk about how the enemy is changing formation and firing more warning shots got beyond boring. It may just be me, but.. well yeah it is just me. I don’t mind the type of action which involves more talking than actual contact between the opponents, but not when it’s so calm. It attempts to make out it’s a big deal with the constant alarms and Marika overreacting, but everything was under their control from the start. Not to mention they’re getting paid for it by the enemy themselves.

Is there ever going to be an actual threat? To me it seems like this is just a slice of life with an unusual show host job. On the bright side, Marika is still an extremely impressive character and portraits her personality very well. We’re getting to know the members of the crew better each episode too. Even if they have just a few lines, you can see what type of characters they are already. The majority at least. Chiaki, however, is just annoying. Unlike all the other characters, she’s completely unrealistic. She’s a trademark stubborn anime character. Something you don’t see in real life. Yes, this isn’t real life, but when you have a cast which is so unique and actually acts how you’d expect people to act, you don’t want to see someone like Chiaki.

Regardless of how many problems I have with there not being enough action, I still enjoy this. Why? It’s actually entertaining as a drama. It may not be living up to my expectations for a pirate anime, and I am disappointed about it looking and feeling more like a slice of life, but it’s a good one. The cast alone is enough to keep me happy, for now at least. I just wish they’d drop the ‘pay to see pirate combat’ side of it. A real threat would really turn this around. Did I mention anything that actually happened in the episode other than the combat? Marika’s grades are going down, so Misa suggests she drops out. That’s the school side we get shown, as well as a cafe scene where Marika insists her job is important as well.

Finally, theres a stowaway aboard the ship, who apparently got on during the piracy. It’s a child, and wants to speak to the captain; Marika. They make it a cliffhanger, which is.. okay I guess. It did get me interested. Until I saw who it was in the preview for next episode. WHY. Why would they do that?! I mean it wasn’t the biggest mystery ever, but I still didn’t want to find out until next week. Oh well, so it looks like some sort of princess/empress. Whatever the reason she’s on board, I hope it leads to a fight. I like Pirate fights.

*The combat was boring. The rest was fine.


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