Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 7

The Desert Elf

Kie: It feels good to have a story in ZnT again. The three people from.. um, before, attack the mansion to kill Saito. I don’t know why they want to kill him, but they do. And the girl tried to kidknap Louise for some reason too. Then once everyone was put to sleep, that ended. I have no idea what that was all about, but the elves decided to kidknap Saito & Tifa anyway. Apparently it’s for one of them to do research on humans. I guess Tifa is classed as a half-elf, but I don’t remember her being 50% human. So that’s also unknown, unless I forgot something from the last season. They let them just rome around too, but the plants have some sort of magic in them which stop Saito from escaping. So they go swimming. That’s sure a good idea when you’ve been kidknapped. Under the water Saito finds a plane from his world (earth). I can’t say I’m too excited about what’ll happen. The plot in this is usually mediocre but hopefully something decent will happen for once. Almost the whole school including Louise & Tabitha, and pointlessly Siesta, are going to save Saito. Try to save Saito I mean. Wait, this is ZnT, obviously they’ll save him.


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