Bakuman Episode 20

Love and Denial

Every comedy has some form of catchphrase or a mascot character. And followed up by that news comes the news that NATURAL+ is getting fought over for animes, films and drama adapations. If that wasn’t enough, we get another bomb dropped from Hattori, as he passes the message along to Ashirogi that Eiji isn’t reading Tanto, and isn’t even interested in it.

Everything keeps building up around this bombshell, as Takagi’s wedding draws closer and closer, and he’s going sleepless nights trying to think of what would make it good. Things keep building and building until the wedding, where Mashiro and Hattori finally have a face-to-face conversation, where Hattori tells them straight up that Tanto is, in other words, terrible. It is almost like it’s been planned, but the night after, Eiji appears on TV and publicly announces that Ashirogi are his rivals.

I mean, that’s probably more than poor Mashiro can take, what with him shouldering the weight of this on his own. And who does he confide in but Azuki? The two finally have a straight forward conversation, and they even admit that their relationship is maturing and growing.

Everything in this episode came down to essentially proding a bomb until it explodes.It took way too long, but everything finally accepts that Tanto isn’t what the two should be doing, and they move on with a deadline of “Equal Eiji within 3 committees or you’re out of JACK”

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