Steins;Gate OVA Episode 25

Egoistic Poriomania

After all this time, it’s nice to see the first part of the Steins;Gate epilogue, with the movie finishing things off for good (assuming). But what really surprised me was that for anime original material (i’ve read the novel and there was nothing like this in there), they’ve kept the atmosphere of Steins;Gate. You can’t even tell that it’s anime original. I mean…

USA Official: (In English) What’s the purpose of your visit?
Okarin: (In Japanese)Well. I guess I have no choice but to reveal it.Ahem. (In English)I am mad scientist.United States. Chaos! and invade!
USA Official: (laughs)
Okarin: (does mad scientist laugh)
<clear to shot of Okarin in handcuffs>

It may be playing off the best gag in anime for a long time, but it worked. And, well…I was smiling and laughing the whole way through. I really really missed Hououin Kyouma and his tsundere assistant, al0ng with his wacky companions. But the best part was by far the way they picked up the relationship between Christina and Okarin, after that amazing episode (relativity theory is still so romantic n.n). I mean, obviously, Christina doesn’t remember being there, but like everyone else, Reading Steiner rubbed off on her, and she faintly remembers what happened to her in those endless three weeks.

All that I really need to say is that it’s Steins;Gate. More Steins;Gate. And more of the best anime of 2011 is never a bad thing. Bring on the movie~:3


One thought on “Steins;Gate OVA Episode 25

  1. Oh, as much as it pains me, I shall wait a bit to watch this. Since I’ve been rewatching Steins;Gate (in fact, I’ve been “forcing” someone to watch it xD) I might as well see this special once I finish rewatching.

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