Guilty Crown Episode 18


I hope this will be the last episode where Shu acts depressing and pitiful. Not that I blame him, but he’s had enough setbacks. Judging by the look in his eyes at the end, I think he has finally found his resolve! Go Shuuuuuuuuu! Wait…what is he gonna do? Threaten Gai with a Twinkie?

Well, I guess I’m no longer a Gai fangirl. I prefer blond hair after all. *pout* But I think the new villain role really suits him since he had a dedicated hate club from the beginning. =P And it’s only getting worse, as he uses voids with no regard for human life. I almost forgot about the other void user with huge eyebrows; when is he gonna step in and do something? The poor kid gets no development… *patpat*

Arisa is not too happy about being a “pawn” for Gai and kills her grandfather, but she goes in denial mode by doing whatever Gai wants. It’s a shame, really, but I’m not complaining. I’m just curious to see what’ll happen to her. Either the show will pull off something totally unpredictable or go with a big cliche, like her void breaks while protecting Gai from a deus ex machina, followed by a sad smile right before her death. *sniff*

Annnd it’s Inori’s time to shine! Since Gai’s army is looking for her, she decides to go on the offense. Was anybody expecting that? Just wow. It’s about time she did something awesome.

Oh, what is Scarface gonna do? Hummm. o.o


4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown Episode 18

  1. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier Inori transforms into a zerg and Shu refuses a blow job.

    Screw the haters, I love this show.

    • I guess this episode actually turned me into a hater xD Ok, I’ve been enjoying a bad story because it WAS enjoyable. I’m ok with sudden twists, unreasonable events and all of that… Within certain limits. And this episode just blew them on my face. The worst part being the characters. There’s a limit to how nonsensical you can be, really. Inori was suddenly given a personality, Arisa seems to change hers every other episode, there was a flashback pulled out of nowhere just for the sake of it. (Psychological encouragement by remembering a nonexistent – at least to the viewer – previous conversation never mentioned before is simply stupid.)

      The plot is made up as they go and the characters are inconsistent as heck (not that they were ever consistent to begin with), thus I simply cannot care anymore. I’ll finish this series and hope they have something at least a bit better reserved for the ending. But it just lost me here.

      • Which conversation were you referring to? Shu asked Inori very early on why her void was a sword. I agree with all of your other points, but they did show that conversation.

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