OVA: Gyo


“If you wanna see zombies farting, look no further!” – Ekvi (my insane little friend >:3)

Oh gawd. Gyo has to be the most disturbing anime I’ve ever seen. I’m not talking about the blood, gore, and ecchi, but the concept. Once you get infected by one of these ‘walking dead fish,’ you turn into a green monster that spews rotten gas and shoots feces. Not just humans, but dogs and cows too. Ew.

Well, believe it or not, there is a small story to it. A young woman graduates from college and goes on vacation with two of her friends; after the outbreak, she tries to reunite with her fiance and discovers the truth behind the walking dead fish. It only takes five minutes into the show for the horror to strike, only to get more and more intense. You’re not given much time to know the characters, but does that really matter? Be honest–all you’re looking forward to is the torture/gruesome deaths. At least the ‘terrified acting’ is good.

The animation is mixed. You have the detailed, fluid movement of the human characters on one hand, and the blatant CGI of the monsters on the other. They just don’t go well together. But again, does that really matter here? My friend had a great time laughing at it. Like, it’s so bad that it’s funny.

I have no idea how to rate this. For a gross horror, it was successful in making me cringe and feel weird for hours. But at the end of the day, I just wish I hadn’t seen it.


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