Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira Episode 4

Daydreaming Chapter

My personal feelings are probably the worst part of this episode. See, for someone who dearly loves the style of 07th Expansions characters, and who only actually got into serious anime properly through Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, it was kind of hard to see it end.For the second time. And for someone who loves Umineko more than almost everything, seeing the final origins of the characters also has an oddly sentimental value.

The first part episode is a rather adorable farewell to Hanyuu, as a younger Rika ends up falling in a time hole and travels forward by a fair couple of years.In doing so, they travel all across the lovely Hinamizawa to find the shrine to send her back in time, stacking up the sentimental value as we say a mental goodbye to all those places.

In doing so, the rest of the gang joins together to help get little Rika back to her time. Sure, it’s got the slightly comedic aspect that you’d expect from having all the characters togther, but it’s the last time that anyone will get to see these characters again.

Hanyuu cottons onto the fact that by letting Little-Rika return to her timeline, it’s the same as letting little-Rika go through all the pain and suffering that they’ve been through over these past 3 seasons. I guess that Rika choosing to go back and re-do it all can be taken to mean lots of different things, but I think she went back because she wanted to live every day possible in her Hinamizawa, through bad days or through good days. It neatly wraps up the franchise, spanning 4 seasons, and gives everyone a rather sentimental and emotional goodbye to Hinamizawa.The only way it could be better was if the last spoken line was “I’ll see you all again…when something else cries” :L (Bonus points to whoever can tell me where that’s from)


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