Bakuman 2 Episode 21

Selfishness and Advice

I’m surprised. Miura’s the one who comes up with this, and it’s one of their better ideas. It’s not anything dark or anything strange, but it’s a typical mainstream fantasy. And i’ll be honest, when I heard Miyoshi describe Stopper of Magma, it sounded a lot like Letter Bee. In this episode, they’d also tried to make a serialization based strongly on Money and Intellegence, and that failed. And then, to my surprise, Stopper of Mamga failed. Ashirogi have left themselves with one chance to get back in JACK, but is everything the way it’s believed to be?

With the revelation at the very end that Hattori wants to assist Ashirogi, as he always has, the original duo of authors return to the guidence of their original editor. The obvious “calm before the storm” episode, in my opinion.

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