Chihayafuru Episode 21

While Snow Falls Upon My Sleeves

Awww! What an adorable episode. Chihaya’s first match in the Eastern qualifier is against a child prodigy…and the cutest little girl ever. (Hauuu~! I wanna take her home! x3) Her Karuta is similar to Chihaya’s where she relies on speed, but Chihaya ultimately has the upper hand there; plus, she’s doing a lot better with timing and accuracy. I really like how varied her opponents are getting lately, so that no two matches feel exactly the same. I wonder what kind of person she’ll go up against next…

Taichi is being a pretty good sport, isn’t he? It’s obvious that he’s jealous, yet he encourages Arata to win the Western qualifier anyway. Man, I really wanna see who this “Sou Hisashi” is… Can’t imagine anyone being better than the queen right now.


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