Guilty Crown Episode 20


Considering how easy it is to lose sight of the plot and stop caring about it altogether, it’s about time we got a decent back story of the characters and the virus. There’s more scenes of young Gai, Shuiichirou (bad dude), and Shu’s family. Yay!

Granted, this flashback episode doesn’t answer everything, as I see lots of confused, angry forum people scratching their heads about Gai’s past and current motives, mysterious revival, and all the “science,” but… I think that by choosing not to dig deep into those things, I end up enjoying it more. Why make yourself suffer by trying to understand the irrational? For me, it was simply entertaining to see all the key players in the past, such as how Shuiichirou and Shu’s father’s friendship started and ended up in tragedy. Now I’m looking forward to the battle of Shu vs. Gai.

And Shu’s name means “group.” ‘Dawww~ ^_^


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