Bakuman 2 Episode 22

Hint and Best

Aplogies for the very late posts, but real life caught up with me lately, and Mimi’s being Mimi…and doesn’t think she should work if i’m not working. :L

How do you find out what someones alterior motives are? After Hattori turns up and explains everything, Ashirogi gets slightly suspicious of what he’s truely up to…so they decide to tail him for a day. Personally, i’m not really sure what I think of the idea of our male leads essentially stalking someone in their daily life just to figure things out…but at least it brought the ‘romance’ that’s plaguing the series for a while to light, and that even Hattori has a stalker.

If anything good came out of this episode, it’s the fact that our male leads finally came up with a new idea to write about. The idea that they’ve got is to have someone who can perfom a “perfect crime”, and create “I didn’t see that coming!” comedy styled moments. In doing so, the lead character forms a perfect crime group, and the rest writes itself. I kinda want to see a little more of it, but at least they’ve gone back to something fun which I like, much like Detective TRAP was.

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