Pokemon: Best Wishes! Episode 69

Mistralton Gym Air-Battle! Challenger Dento!?

Well, as the title says, Dento actually challenges the Mistralton gym. Why? Well, the gym leader got overly confident in her battling skills and decided not to bother, simulating the battles which would take place in her head instead of actually doing the battles. Everyone likes this because they’ve got a pretty good chance of winning..I mean, take the first challenger we saw. He had two electric Pokemon and a rock Pokemon. Because of that, he automatically won. Swanna’s Bubblebeam could take out the rock type, unlike what she expected to happen.

So yeah, Dento gets angry over seeing this and convinces her to have a real battle. One tasting time and a lecture later, Dento still ends up loosing, just like was predicted. The battle was good, but there was too much talking…and it was too one-sided. Pansage didn’t do anything, Crustle did too much and then died too easily, and Stunfisk should have thundershocked instead of wasting time with Mud Bombs at the end. Plus I highly doubt the fact that her flying Pokemon was just able to shrug off the second Rock Wrecker like that. Bleh…anyway, Satoshi follows in Dento’s footsteps, and tries one last time to convince the leader to battle properly.


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