Natsume Yuujinchou Shi Episode 10 & 11

The God, Enshrined & A Single Photo

Natsumeee ❤ This episode was so heartwarming at the end. Gotta love this series. Again, I was on the edge of my seat at points saying “Oh jeez, Oh jeez” hoping he wouldn’t get caught in certain parts. xD The beast reminded me of a purple Nyanko. In his own beast form. Great episode no matter what anyone says. It was just a big adventure, and was really interesting being as Natsume dressed up as a God. I was wondering how everything was going to turn out.

What a wonderful episode. Had me on the verge of tears. They’re all so innocent. The entire episode…I was just like “Why does Tohko look so upset?” So many questions to be answered! Luckily it wasn’t post-poned till another adventure of Natsume, I think I’d die from not getting my answers. xD It really was a nice, relaxing episode. Basically about Natsumes family, and he looks just like his parents.


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