Bakuman 2 Episode 23

Win and Lose

The second season of Bakuman is getting nearer its climax every passing episode, and it appears to be focused on the Perfect Crime Club manga that they’ve been creating, but the big question is if it’s going to be enough to get them back into JACK and rival Nizuma Eiji.

The episode starts out with a rather large extract of the first chapter of this Perfect Crime Club, and I have to admit that I got hooked. The idea of perfectly tailing someone and stuff is petty, but it’s almost like that didn’t matter. And when they add the heroine, a young detective, into the mix, it becomes obvious that they’ll pass.

Even though the fact that they were going to pass was obvious from the outset, they managed to create a really good sense of drama and tension in the meeting and how the meeting runs longer than ever, running hours past when it would originally end, and with things boiling down to a vote on if Ashirogi can beat Nizuma.And even then, the only thing left is for it to fall into the hands of the Chief Editor. But then for him to fail them…I never saw that coming. Is the climax going to be about finding a new magazine to draw in, then?


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