Review: Nisemonogatari


Bakemonogatari was probably the most contraversial series i’ve known in my time of watching anime, and when the second series came around, I wasn’t really sure what to expect of it. All I can say about the franchise is if your taste in action runs more towards wordplay rather than swordplay or gunplay, then this should be something you watched instantly.  And even if it doesn’t, but the idea interests you, it’s probably going to be worth trying out.

The highlight of the show, is, without a doubt, the smart and witty wordplay, accompanied by the highly unique visual style throughout the series. However, where the first show went wrong by making it too similar to reading a script, this show essentially removes all of those problems. In other words, it’s a perfect sequel, removing the problems and improving on the good parts. But well, that doesn’t actually show anything of what I feel about the show…and that’s going to be the hardest part of this review. All I know is that i’ll never look at a toothbrush in the same way.

Split into two arcs, Nisemonogatari focuses on Araragi’s twin sisters, otherwise known as the Fire Sisters for their pursuit of justice. The first arc focuses on a con-man, and the second is focused on exorcists and ghost hunters. The supernatural themes really shine through much more than the first series, but in a different manner. It does mostly involve Araragi going from place to place and talking to people again and again.

However, the first arc is actually rather unspectacular. The highlights of it were the witty wordplay and the appearance of Senjougahara, who’s problem the best tsundere character ever to appear in anime and her witty wordplay. It’s not until the second arc where all the buildup and wordplay starts to pay off, and it does pay off in a grand style that’s easily worth enjoying.  But even the build-up is enjoyable and fun to watch, so I think that would make the entire show fun and enjoyable.

I mean, you could go as far as to say that anime is animated art, and the fact that Nisemonogatari plays on this could be considered one of it’s many strengths. It’s a fun, witty and intellectual show which has non of the problems it’s predecessor  had, but the perverted nature of the main character can really annoy you sometimes…even if it is funny the rest of the time.

Alex’s Score: 7 out of Ten Meeps (Good)


One thought on “Review: Nisemonogatari

  1. “…but the perverted nature of the main character can really annoy you sometimes…even if it is funny the rest of the time.” – This is my sole problem with this series. And its predecessor as well. I love the dialog and I love the unique artstyle. But at times, it seems like things aren’t going anywhere, when we get episodes dedicated to… I don’t even know anymore. I could say “fanservice” but it’s not exactly your typical type of fanservice either and even those episodes have some nice wordplay and all but… they’re kinda perverted and mostly irrelevant. That’s why I acknowledge both of them as good anime but they’re just not my type of series.

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