First Impression: Ozuma


Love it or hate it, this is Leiji Matsumoto’s unique style. He’s best known for his classics such as Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999, both of which I really want to see. As for Ozuma, I’m loving the old-fashioned, toon-like character designs, scifi western setting, and music.

The beginning has some kind of epic feeling to it, like you’re watching the National Geographic channel about Earth. =P After the OP, it quickly dives into the action, where a mysterious woman is being chased by a Char impersonator, only to be saved by a boy and taken in by his crew. Despite some of the cliched moments, I enjoyed every bit of it. Ships diving into the sand like an ocean? Sand whales? Awesomeness. And I think the characters will grow on me pretty easily, especially that cool female captain. Even the toon-like characters have their charm.

The only downside is…well…this is only going to be six episodes! D:

Well at any rate, you can count me in on blogging it~


One thought on “First Impression: Ozuma

  1. If you want to see Galaxy Express 999, then you’re in luck, because a newly established anime company called S’More is going to release the series, with the first boxset coming in August, and the two movies, both licensed by Discotek, are already out!

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