Spring 2012 & Review updates

So, as some of you may have noticed, our inspiration is…lacking, as of late. With a record for the amount of shows being dropped and an all new low for the amount Mimi’s watching, if there’s anything our adoring public would like us to cover, we’ll take a special request and cover it…even if we hate it. It’s a once in a lifetime oppertunity to see us rage about people going moe moe kyun or whatever it is these days xD

Anyway, that aside, Rinne no Lagrange and Beelzebub won’t be getting reviews. Way more shows than we anticipated are ending now, and in Phi Brain’s case it’s continuing straight onto it’s second season, I don’t even see the point in calling them separate seasons. I’m told that Rinne no Lagrange is nothing but build-up at the moment by Mimi, so i’m letting her get away with that…for now. Beelzebub also won’t be getting a review, considering it just…well, it just ended. No continuation or anything of the sort, and it kinda ruined the whole thing for me n.n

Mimi: *whispers* Make Alex blog Thomas the Tank Engine... :3


12 thoughts on “Spring 2012 & Review updates

  1. What about blogging the new Avatar series? It’s not anime per say but I’d think it’d be cool for you guys to blog it.

    • I gotta admit… the trailer looks awesome! But uh…I didn’t watch any of the previous Avatar seasons. Would newbies like me be able to understand it? Well, I do plan to watch the old Avatar sometime… 61 episodes… *cracks knuckles*

      • Hmm, I’m unsure. The first series is worth a watch and is easily the best American animated show out there. I haven’t checked out the new series yet but it should be awesome :D.

        It takes place like 100 years after the first series so it’s not like a direct sequel or anything. I think you’d be just fine watching it.

        • The first episode leaked a few days back, and I can vouch for it. Looks incredibly promising, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it surpassed the first Avatar. It’s already a pretty cool mix of 20’s style America and the more traditional Chinese background elements the show borrows from.

          And eh, there’s not much you’d particularly need to know Mimi. The leaked ep gives a minute or two recap of what’s particularly important to know story-wise, so you can go into it pretty much clueless. (And well, even if I’m planning to blog it, it’d be sweet to see somebody here do it. AWESOME, even)

          • I don’t think it’s my kinda show, so i’m not going to bother with it…too much stuff catches my eye in the next season to give it a try. I reckon it’s up Mimi’s ally, though.

  2. I’m not exactly sure whether you’re asking us to request you to blog something on-going or something for next season. I’m not watching too much this season. Or rather, let’s say I mostly picked up one-cour stuff so I could be free to pick up more shows on Spring season since following double the stuff on Summer is easier. Anyway, if it’s something ongoing, then I’d like to see you continue blogging Mouretsu Pirates since it was dropped by Kie. If the point is requesting something for you to blog on Spring season, then I’d like you to blog either Kuroko no Basuke or Tasogare OtomexAmnesia (since I’m pretty sure Mimi will take care of my beloved Fate/Zero anyway xD).
    Anyway, take this only as mere suggestions^^

    • Thanks for the suggestions. =D I guess it’ll be up to Alex to pick up Pirates if he wants to, because I’m still only on episode three and feel no motivation to catch up. Life is so busy right now. *le sigh*

      I’m also looking forward to Kuroko no Basuke, so that’s a possibility. I don’t usually care for sports anime, but they seem to be getting more interesting lately…especially if you throw a short lead character in there who turns out to be a pro. I eagerly await the reaction on everyone’s face when he joins the team. =P

      • I see… Well no big deal, it’s not like I really like it or something. In fact, I had to think really hard of a currently airing title to suggest. My life has been damn busy at the moment too, so I kinda get you. And I’m starting to have the feeling that I should have cut in my anime watching time, rather than my sleeping time since that’s starting to show in my concentration xD

        I was never really fond of sports anime either. That is until I watched Moshidora last year, which was actually pretty decent. Due to that I also watched Ookiku Furikabutte. I liked it even better. So I’m becoming gradually more open to that genre. And then there’s the fact that basketball is my favorite sport, one which I really love playing and I once played at competitive level (it was just one year, I ended up quiting because I couldn’t get along with my teammates, despite the fact that the club was actually well-classified that year). And yeah, the fact that Kuroko is a relatively short guy is an amusing one. I think the anime might be pretty good^^

        • Uh, I originally meant stuff in the Spring. You see, keep it a secret, but Mimi’s getting super lazy lately, and needs some fans to kick her around and tell her to work harder. And from looking at the Spring preview, there’s a lot of stuff which “could” be good.

          But sadly, as much as I like Pirates, it’s too slow for me to blog. I find myself getting behind by like, 3 or 4 episodes at a time…

          • Oi! There’s a difference between being lazy and sitting around in mourning over Noboru Ishiguro… I was so close to meeting him… T_T

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