Pokemon: Best Wishes! Episodes 70 & 71

Mistralton Gym! Decisive Aerial Battle VS Skyla!
Obstacle Breakthrough! Climb the Tower of the Sky!

The first episode was dedicated to the actual gym battle. It was actually really fast paced and really well done, with some great choreography between the flying battle at the end, but apart from that, it suffered from the “one-sided syndrome” that’s plagued the show from the start. It was almost too obvious that things were doing to turn around halfway, so it was really awkward to watch for most of it.

The second episode…was back to what the show does best. In a ridiculous twist, the trio of heroes meets up with Kenyan and takes place in a festival to rind the Wish-Granting-Bell. It involves trials of guessing who the grandpa prefers out of Joy or Junsa, and imitating Champion Adeku and Professor Araragi, and getting through a forest filled with angry Pokemon. Fun, ridiculous, and over the top in every aspect, the episode was fun and enjoyable to watch, like it should be.

If i’m right, there’s a four-parter about another fighting tournament coming up, followed by an individual episode, followed by another Rocket gang double parter. I wonder if it’ll be as good as the genie trio one..


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